The following job positions are those worked by Trinity Catering. Each title lists the basic duties of the positions. For a more detailed “job description” signed off on during the hiring process, please request a copy.

Utilityhand (UT)

This position includes both housekeeping and galley (kitchen) duties. These duties include meal preparation, washing dishes, setting up and breaking down food lines, loading and unloading groceries, mopping floors, washing clothes, making bunks, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash and food refuse. The position requires any, and all duties related to meal preparation and housekeeping.

Night Cook/Baker (NC)

Entry level cooks position. This person prepares the midnight meal, breakfast and prepares the bakery products (breads, biscuits, pastries, etc. from scratch) for the day and night shift. This position also may be called on to assist in daily cleaning and management of personnel.

Relief Steward (RS)

This position usually relieves the Night Cook (one week) and the Steward (one week). The duties are defined by the position held, including meal preparations, personnel management and customer relations. If functioning as the Steward (day cook), the relief is the lead Trinity supervisor on-site. But if working nights, the Steward (day cook) is the final authority at all times on-site.

Steward (ST)

The Trinity on-site manager and is responsible for all areas of the Catering operations:

  • Meal preparation (including baking if a Night Cook is not on-site)
  • Menu planning / grocery ordering
  • Budget management – includes meal counts, meal management, inventory control
  • Paperwork, payroll
  • Personnel management
  • Customer relations
  • Housekeeping duties when necessary

Executive Steward (EXEC ST)

The Executive Steward performs all duties of the Steward, except as that of a line cook. This position functions on larger operations with a larger number of customers and Catering personnel