About Trinity Catering

Trinity Catering is a well-established company providing catering and housekeeping services for oil companies, production facilities, land camps, drilling services, and ocean vessels. We offer a variety of offshore services to meet our clients’ needs. Operating for 28-plus years, and our reputation precedes us.

What sets us apart is our industry talent. Our skilled and committed HR team works hand in hand with our agencies to select the most skilled offshore catering labor in the industry.

We Provide Catering Service To Workers

Delivering nourishment and comfort to your team on and offshore.

Land Camp Facilities

Do you have a commercial land project that needs cleaning and housekeeping? You have to come to the right place! Since its 96 inception, Trinity Catering has provided services to land camps, storm recovery catering, and all coastal inland marshes and waterways. We pay close attention to the little things. You can rely on us to make sure your team has a great and pleasant experience.